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Inground Pool and Spa Cleaning and Servicing, Comprehensive on site pool analysis, Pool chemical balancing, Green pool restorations, and many more…


Weekly or one time pool cleaning, No long term contracts, Year round service for commercial clients.


We have been serving St. Lucie and Martin County since 2004. Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, Port Salerno, Stuart, and Hobe Sound.


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Pool Service – we offer pool/spa services for residential and commercial customers:

  • Best residential and commercial pool and hot tub cleaning and servicing in St. Lucie County

  • Top rated equipment repair

  • Affordable chemical supply and balancing along with advice on maintenance programs

  • Emergency green pool restoration and debris removal

Full Service Weekly Cleaning

We offer Full Service Weekly Cleaning that includes regular pool chemicals. We follow a 10-step cleaning process that includes: Skim Surface, Clean Pump Basket, Clean Skimmer Basket, Backwash Filter, Test Chemical Levels, Adjust Swimming Pool Chemical Levels, Inspect Equipment,Debris Removal, Vacuum as needed, Brush Walls and Steps, and Document Test Results.

swimming pool chemicals testing kitAcid Wash or Chlorine Wash

If your pool walls are stained or discolored, we can help. Call for a free quote for an acid wash or chlorine wash. It is generally better to perform these pool cleaning washes in fall, winter, and early spring.

Green Pool Clean Up Service

We handle all conditions of a green pool from algae just starting to grow, all the way to pools that are so green you can’t even see the bottom. There is no clean up we can’t handle. Call for a free quote at (772)361-6889

Pool Filter Cleaning

We will clean or replace your filter. We clean and service DE Filters, Cartridge Filters, and Sand Filters. Your cartridge filter should be cleaned every 4-6 months. Your DE filters should have a complete DE tear down and cleaning every 6 months to inspect the filter grids and remove packed on DE. We also change the sand in your sand filter (recommended every 5 years). Many problems are a result of not following these guidelines. Proper maintenance of your filter is very important. Call for a free quote today.

Total Dissolved Solids

We also provide testing for the level of your pool’s Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). What is TDS? When the total dissolved solids in your pool are too high, your water can no longer absorb and use any more chlorine, rendering your pool chemicals useless against bacteria and algae. The only solution to a high level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is to drain your pool water and refill your pool and balance your pool chemicals.

Salt Cell Cleaning

Pool Conditioner Treatment

One Time Pool Clean Up

Pool Tile Cleaning and Calcium Removal from pool tile, rocks, and water fall features.

Pool Draining Service

Proudly Serving St. Lucie County and Martin County

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